Monday, September 27, 2010

Guest Post: Pokopori - If my life was an anime

Today's post will be the beginning of a new feature in the PAAS-blog, namely incidental guest posts. Guest posts are for everyone who's good at writing but just doesn't have the time to update a blog every week. If Omurqi and I think your piece is good enough for our blog, we'll definately contact you ;-)!

So, I guess I'll introduce our first guest-writer for PAAS: Pokopori (an enthusiastic Anime Planet-user). (if you want to read her profile, click Pokopori is an anime addict who loves epic series (Code Geass, Hajime no Ippo, Rurouni Kenshin) and yaoi (gorgeous, droollicious bishies). As you can understand judging by our partially similar loves, Pokopori and I are good pals on AP. I regularly read her blogs and I was particularly impressed by the following one:

If my Life was an Anime

Having been an otaku for over half of my life, I often stop to wonder what my life would be like if it was an anime. What would my story be? That's right, I did wonder. And don't lie to yourself, I know you've done it too.

Really though, what would my story be? Would it start with a tale of how significant my birth was to the world or would it start with a drawn out flashforward of how sinister I'll become? In my mind, my story goes a little something like this...

Born into a poor family in a war-torn country (not really), Poko was orphaned at a young age (again... not really). Raised by the kindhearted villagers, Poko grew up to be a beautiful and kind woman (...definitely true ;D).

Upon her eighteenth birthday, a strange man ventured into the village, wounded and ill. As soon as Poko laid her eyes on him, she knew that he was the one for her (Of course she did. Happens in real life all the time). Having studied medicine her entire life (Did I mention I'm a genius?), she knew immediately the treatment for her future husband. Having just the right amount of herbs available on hand, she saves his life. When he came to, the man cannot remember who he is and how he was wounded. Feeling sympathy for the gorgeous stranger, Poko gave him a manly name, Man. For months to come, Man and Poko live in the village, happy and in love. However, it was not meant to be.

One day while Poko was wandering around town shopping for supplies, more strange men dressed in black and donning weapons came to the village. They were all exceptionally gorgeous. One of them, with a small letter A tattooed just below his right eye, came up to her and introduced himself as A. A and his group, all of which carried a similar small alphabet tattoo just below their right eye, were looking for a man. The description they gave here was strikingly similar to what Man looked like and Poko became suspicious.

Returning to her cottage, Poko was unable to find Man. She searched the entire area outside her cottage but could not find a whisper of his presence. Returning to her cottage, she spots a note on her wooden round table. It was a letter of farewell written by Man. Weeping, Poko read the letter over and over again:

"My dearest Poko,

Forgive me for my abrupt departure for I can fool myself no longer. The day I awoke from my illness, I'd told you I did not remember who I was. That was a lie. My real name is Seven... just Seven. I am a member of a Secret Guild called Numbers. As a Number, we are given missions in which we are required to complete. I cannot tell you any more about this, please understand. I lied because I wanted to escape my fate which was determined by significant characters from the moment I was born. I knew, from the first moment I laid my gorgeous eyes upon you, that you were the one for me. Please forgive my departure and lead a happy, carefree life in this village untouched by evil.

By now, Lingua (Italian for Language), the head guild, may have already sent Alphabets after me. Please tell them you know nothing. I wish you happiness.

Be safe, Man"

As days passed slowly, Poko could not forget Man. After all, he was the one for her, as decided since the beginning of the story. Gathering her courage (I was always a courageous one), she sets out in her journey to find Man and bring him home...

Upon her journey, Poko meets new companions who are very skilled in the art of combat. They decide that Poko's kindness and naivety is one they have never encountered before and they decide to follow her. They are devotely loyal to her and two men, both gorgeous of course, of her many companions falls in love with her. They had no chance from the start though, because Man was always on Poko's mind. They travelled through thick and thin, eventually arriving at Lingua headquarters.

Deciding the most courageous and epic way to enter was through the front door, Poko's companions smash through it, looking gorgeously badass in the process. Upon entering the lair of the building, Poko spots Man tied, half naked with wounds and sweat on his body, to a wooden structure designed to be used to tie people to it. As it turns out, Alpha, leader of Lingua, was expecting them and had been waiting. Several of his henchmen, all abnormally gorgeous, stand behind him, emitting dangerous aura.

After several moments of dialogue that leads to nowhere, fighting ensues. There are just the right amount of Poko's companions to match up with Alpha's henchmen, leaving Alpha for Poko to defeat. Man croaks for Alpha to leave Poko alone but being the evil man he is, Alpha does no such thing. Instead, he talks about how much of a fail Man had become by falling in love with Poko. About to strike her down, Alpha suddenly realized he cannot touch her without feeling extreme pain. In a sudden dawn of realization, Alpha realized that Poko's parents had put a protection charm on her before they died. She was protected because of love. She also had a scar the shape of a cloud on her chin, but that's another matter. Poko, realizing her strength, sends a beam of love at Alpha, reducing him to ash in an instant. As she frees Man from his bindings, the fights around her also draw to a close. Her companions, though panting, dirty, and bleeding, won (of course) their battles. And with this, Lingua has been defeated.

In a painful daze, Man asks her how Poko could've known love was Alpha's weakness. Poko responds, "Because of his character, I knew he'd never experienced true love and kindness..." All was clear to Man as he falls unconscious in her arms. The scene fades to black.

Years later, Man and Poko have married and had two children. As they watch the children run around their large green field, Man puts his arm around Poko's shoulder and she leans into him as they both smile into the sunset.
Yeah, my story would definitely be something like that.

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  1. lol this is adorable!
    Mine would definitely be something wacky and totally bonkers XD