Friday, July 30, 2010

Spring 2010 - Final Thoughts

Better late than never, here are Sunagan and mine opinions about the anime we've watched last season. Some good, others average and a few atrocious, spring 2010 ended up being a mixing bowl in terms of quality (or enjoyment, as I hate to label things as fundamentally good or bad). So without further ado, the shows:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Manga Review: Hitsuji no Uta

After watching the anime OVA of Lament of the Lamb a good while ago, I looked a little into it and quickly found out it was actually an adaption of the manga. Since I loved the 1h45 show for its dark, gritty and gloomy way of storytelling, the manga was quickly marked as Want to Read. However, due to all sorts of things, I kept putting it off until now. How I regret not reading this sooner…

Friday, July 2, 2010

The good, the average and the atrocious, June 2010

Wow. June passed by in a flash. I spent large amounts of my time at home either working on my super annoying paper (which I finally finished and got a passing grade for after repeated sessions of feedback, hallelujah) or watching anime. On the average, I watched 8.8 anime episodes a day, went out a lot with friends, in short, it was like a pleasant prelude to the freedom of summer holidays. As for my actual watching activities, I saw some terrible series that make you question the whole medium and a few shows that instantly hooked me – the kind of show that reminds you of the reason why anime is, in fact, awesome ^_^.