Thursday, September 30, 2010

Animeparty in London

Hi there everybody! As the event itself will be coming up fairly soon, I thought I might as well make a post about it. So, here it is ^_^. Although the initiative for the party came from a few enthusiastic ISSUP members on the forum of Anime Planet (ISSUP is the International Society for the Study of Ummm… Pervertedness), the only real requirement for attending the party is being an anime fan who’s able to make it to London during the weekend of 22-23-24 october :-D.

So, let me start at the beginning of the whole event. A few pumped up ISSUP-ians, most of them known and active members of Anime Planet, were discussing the possibility of holding a party for every anime fan who feels like coming. Among them are our lovely site reviewers KiraRin, cassiesheepgirl and therik and some other members who just happen to be in the neighbourhood at our chosen time. Or, in Omurqi’s and my case, members who’re living at a distance at which flight tickets still have acceptable prices :-P (I understood that even some people from the US were intending to come, but backed off after discovering there were no flight tickets below €1000).

Anyway, as the idea for a meeting was received warmly, a date was picked at last. The current plan is to have a big party Friday and Saturday (and depending on the amount of people that’s left there might be another party Sunday :D). Also, KiraRin insisted on going to a restaurant where we’ll have to eat with chopsticks (and lucky me, I majestically suck at it xD). As she’ll bring along some homemade brownies, Omurqi and I were discussing to take some typically dutch sweets with us - you know, sweets of the kind that all dutch people love but foreigners usually hate :-P. Cultural exchanges are wonderful, aren’t they ^_^?

During the day, everybody will probably do his/her own thing considering sightseeing, but there might be some arrangements made for small groups who’d like to see things together. As neither Omurqi or I have been to London before, we thought of visiting its popular attraction London Eye (apparently the largest ferris wheel in the world), the London Bridge and of course the Big Ben. We’ll probably see other places too, but these are the ones that we ‘d definitely like to visit. If anyone’s got a good recommendation for a place in London we just have to see, all suggestions are welcome ;-)!

Finally, to all anime fans who’ve always wanted to pay a visit to London but never got around to actually doing it, this is your chance. As I said, the only requirement for the whole thing is being able to be there, and it looks like it’ll be one hell of a party! For any specific information on the party location and time, just ask ^_^. See you all in London ;-)

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