Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And with a loud *bang*

Well hello there readers. Before placing my first content post here, I thought I’d start out with a little introduction, so here we go. I’m Omurqi, co-creator of the PAAS-blog. Sunagan and I decided that I’d make posts here every once in a while whenever Sunagan is unable to do so that week; university life can be cruel at times. 

So Omurqi, what wonderful range of exquisite tastes do you normally savor?
As you can read on either my Anime-Planet or Blogger profile, I’m a fan of a couple of Japanese media. Like many, my journey started out with anime. I initially watched a couple of long to semi-long action shows, but my interest soon spread out to a wider range of genres and lengths. From Bleach to Junjou if you want (I kid, I kid, of course I’m an elitist bastard who considers Lain the only true anime out there).
The natural follow-up to anime was manga, and though I haven’t read as much as I’ve watched, it definitely became part of the addiction after reading titles like Uzumaki and Hitsuji no Uta. Oh, and Yotsuba&! is the most hilarious and adorable thing out there.
Third on the list are without doubt visual novels. Be it because I’m still relatively new to the medium, or because I ‘just-like-them-that-much’, I’m in love with them. The time I can constructively spend on one scarily reminds me of my early days of anime fandom. Saya no Uta and True Remembrance are among my favorites, and I bet most of you can guess which one I'm reading at this moment.
Last on the list of story-media are light novels, to which I really can’t claim fandom. After enthusiastically proclaiming how much I enjoyed The Twelve Kingdoms, I was recommended to give the original novels a shot. Yes, I am really enjoying them, but that’s where my experience with them ends.

And then, oh yes, there’s the blasted world of Touhou. Funny girls sending off colorful sparks are all ponies and rainbows, until one of them decides it’s time for SHIT TO GET SERIOUS; blink once and there’ll be hell to pay. Highly addictive games aside, the large amount of creative fans make for a huge amount of doujin material. From artwork, to music, to games, all is existent in excess.

That all sounds wonderful, but what good could you possibly bring to this intriguing, intellectually stimulating blog?
Well, I’m not sure about being ‘intriguing’, leave alone ‘intellectually stimulating’, but what will happen from now on is that I’ll occasionally make a post on here, most of them probably reviews. In the later future? Who knows! I enjoy writing reviews in general, but I just might catch a sudden gust of inspiration one day, and invite all of you for an intellectual, and yet elegant night. *cackle*cackle*

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